There are 5 Gate Visa for Turkish citizens. For those who travel with gate visa can travel only one island as much as the documented stay duration in any date with maximum of 7 days.

Chios One Day Tour

Sightseeing by ferry from Çeşme (Ulusoy Port) (Start May 3, 2024)

Every Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday

The daily Chios Island tour starts at 08.30 at Çeşme Ulusoy port. After passport and customs clearance, we board our ferry and start our journey. we arrive in Chios, after a pleasant journey, Here we will give you a short free time after customs clearance. During this time, you can visit the city center or enjoy a nice coffee in the cafeterias on the beach. After the free time, our Turkish guide and our bus will be waiting for you at the place and time we have determined. Our trip starts with heading south from the city center. Our first stop is Armolia Village. In Armolia Village, we see the mastic gum trees up close. Our guide will share with you all the information about the harvest, production and trade of mastic gum. We visit the businesses in Armolia, which is also known for its ceramic workmanship. In addition to many ceramic products, it is possible to find local products (Chios Jam - Ouzo - Wine - Local Jams etc.) We leave here and go to a village that we think will really attract you.

Mesta Village was built during the Byzantine period in the 14th century and has survived until today. It really fascinates those who see it with its labyrinthine narrow streets and quaint village square. We proceed through the narrow streets of the village with our guide and arrive to the village square. Before taking a small break, we introduce you to the largest church of the island, St. Taxiarhis Church. In this church, which is widely believed as miraculous, our guests can light a candle and make a wish. Those who want to relax can have a coffee in the cafes in the square, while those who want to relax can visit the village. Then we go to Pirgi Village, the largest of the southern villages. Pirgi Village Pirgi Village is a village known for its black and white patterned houses, which are unique in any other place. We take a walk in the narrow streets of Pirgi, which is also a medieval village, accompanied by our guide. We show the Agion Apostolon Church in the village square and the house where Christopher Columbus is rumored to have lived and then take a break in a business where local products are sold. You can buy gum drops - gum jam - ouzo - wine - magnets and similar products. We leave Pirgi and go to Emporios, our last stop, where we will have our lunch break. We come to Emporios bay and have our lunch break in local taverns. Our guests can go to see the Volcanic Beach, which is approximately 300 meters away. You will really enjoy seeing this beach consisting of large black colored stones or swimming in the sea. After our dinner, we are on our way back. We come to the city center and end our daily Chios south island tour.

We gather 16:15 at the port for return, then our ferry departs at 17:15.