There are 5 Gate Visa for Turkish citizens. For those who travel with gate visa can travel only one island as much as the documented stay duration in any date with maximum of 7 days.

Terms and Conditions



a)The passengers must be ready at the Checkin Office of the respected company to complete the check-in procedures at least 1 hour before the departure time in order to carry out passport and visa checks and take their tickets. Check-in ends half an hour before departure time. It is recommended that you arrive earlier on weekends and in high season.

Check-in can be done at all our offices before the departure day.

Passengers must be ready 15 minutes prior departure time.

Our passengers are obliged to arrange the time they spend in the Cafeteria or Freeshop near the Port area according to these rules.

b) Special rules for passengers traveling by car;

Check-in for passengers traveling by car is done only at the Port office. Passengers with vehicles (drivers only) have priority check-in. Please inform the relevant company officials about your situation.Passengers with vehicles must be ready at the port 1.5 hours prior the departure time for check-in.

For corportae vehicles, in case you are the company owner, a company signature circular or in case you are an employee, a power of attorney letter from a notary public is required.

In order to travel abroad with a rented vehicle, a power of attorney must be obtained from the company through a notary.

International driver's license is not required for the passengers who goes to Chios.

Green Insurance is an additional insurance policy that makes your vehicle's insurance valid abroad. It can be obtained from insurance companies.

2) OPEN TICKETS: Open tickets can be purchased for scheduled trips only at the convenience of the trips and are carried out only by the relevant company offices. In order to close open tickets, a carrier company must be contacted at least 1 day before departure and the passenger must be informed about this before travel.

•The validity duration of the open ticket is 6 months. Any ticket hasn’t been used during this period will be automatically cancelled.

•For suspended ticket the agency that issues the ticket must sign and stamp the release date and declare it on the boarding board.

3) IN CASE OF LOST TICKET: The passenger who loses his ticket has to buy a new ticket. Agencies are not responsible lossing a ticket for whatever the reason.

4) NON-TRANSFER OF THE TICKET: The tickets which are issued the names can’t be re-sold or transferred . If a ticket is presented for transportation and refund by a person other than the person who has the right to travel with a ticket, the carrier shall not be liable to the person who has the rigt to travel with that ticket if it carries the presenter in good faith or refunds the ticket to the presenter.


Articles written under the title "Third Part" of the Distance Contracts Regulation dated 27.11.2014, regulating the "Use of the Right of Cancel and Obligations of the Parties",

Since it does not apply to “Passenger Transportation Services”; BUYER has no right of cancel/withdrawal.

“Trip Cancellation and Refund Conditions

With this agreement; the seller cannot be requested to change the purchased electronic tickets passenger, date, time and route information. The buyer accepts and undertakes that he/she will not change the ticket he/she purchased in accordance with this agreement in any way or request a refund after the sales completed.


Passengers have the right to cancel and reschedule their tickets once or reschedule them once, only if notify us 2 days prior the departure time. Refund requests will not be accepted.




In cases where the passenger couldn’t be allowed from entering/exiting due to judicial, administrative, visa or the vehicle, pet etc. that the passenger wants to take with him/her, the service contract ends and no refund request is accepted.



•Agencies are obliged to save passengers' mobile numbers into the system. That way, passengers can be informed about trip cancellations or changes.


•For trips that cannot be operated due to bad weather, a 100% refund is given to the passenger unconditionally. The Seller Company is not responsible for accommodation, food and beverage expenses that may arise in weather conditions and similar situations arising from reasons beyond the Seller's control.


• In cases of unscheduled flag state controls and unplanned ship failure, the carrier company reserves the right to change sailing times and ships.

•All rights of the Carrier Company are reserved regarding trip cancellation and change.

8) TICKET CONTROL: Tickets are checked with the help of barcodes on the boarding covers of the ship. Passengers with canceled, rescheduled or suspended tickets for any reason will not be allowed on board.




•Agencies must inform the Carrier Company about passengers with special circumstances at least 2 hours before departure.

• For passengers traveling with pets, the necessary documents must be requested from the Carrier Company Offices and delivered to the Carrier Company office 2 days before the travel.  The passenger's travel cannot be confirmed before the approval of the Veterinary Presidency.