There are 5 Gate Visa for Turkish citizens. For those who travel with gate visa can travel only one island as much as the documented stay duration in any date with maximum of 7 days.

Fethiye Rhodes Ferry Ticket

Fethiye Rhodes Ferry Ticket
Departure Voyages
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Tilos Travel
Voyage Duration: 110 dk
Return Voyages
Tilos Travel
Voyage Duration: 110 dk

Fethiye Rhodes ferry ticket is available at Tilos Travel with the most affordable and reliable purchasing choices. You can buy your ticket only for 65 Euros for 2024 round trip per person. If you want to visit the island of Rhodes and are looking for a trustworthy website to purchase tickets, you can choose Tilos Travel. Your Rhodes Island banquets will be easy and reliable with Tilos Travel's online ticket sales feature.
The island of Rhodes is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. This island is known as the largest of the 12 islands. The island, which attracts lots of attention from local and foreign tourists, lures visitors in all seasons, summer and winter. One of the most major factors required to go to the island of Rhodes is the ability to purchase tickets. You can easily and securely reach the island of Rhodes by ferry.
Catamaran (ferry) services, which can be carried out through 3 ports in Turkey, are being demanded from the Fethiye region. Rhodes island voyages are made by ferries departing from Fethiye Port which can be made on a daily basis or with accommodation.
You can safely buy your tickets from Tilos Travel for your visits to the island of Rhodes, where tickets are demanded every season.

How to Purchase Fethiye Rhodes Ferry Tickets

Tilos Travel is on its way to satisfy its customers with ticket sales that offer a good price guarantee. The company keeps all information secure when purchasing tickets and offers you convenient and safe travel opportunities. Tickets, can be chosen as one-way or round trip which can be purchased online through the website. You can continue your transactions by verifying the departure port (Fethiye Port) and arrival port (Rhodes Port) options on the site where you can choose your desired preference on the ticket purchasing screen.
In the system, where you can continue your transactions by selecting the departure date and return date, you can search for the appropriate ticket with the type of passenger and number of passengers you choose, adult or child. When purchasing tickets, the personal information requested from the passenger (name-surname-phone number-email-gender-date of birth, etc.) must be filled in.
Your card information is stored for ticket purchases that you can make safely through the system. You can also choose Tilos Travel for the most convenient and safe transportation.

Fethiye Rhodes Ferry Ticket Timetable

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when purchasing a Fethiye Rhodes ferry ticket is the ferry hours. Departure times vary depending on the directions, including Fethiye-Rhodes and Rhodes-Fethiye. The cruise with the Sea Star Lindos catamaran type departs from Fethiye Port at 08:25 and 08:45. The catamaran departure time from Rhodes-Touristiko Port is 15:00 - 16:30.
You can visit the island of Rhodes by choosing the most suitable sailing time for your trip.

Fethiye Rhodes Ferry Schedules

Thousands of local and foreign tourists flock to Rhodes, one of the largest islands of the Greek islands, every year. Visitors from different parts of the world can visit by both air (sky) and sea. Transportation by sea, which is one of the most comfortable and fast means of transportation, is carried out with the help of catamarans. Transportation is very easy with ferry services from Fethiye.

Fethiye-Rhodes cruises are more frequent in July, August and September (July, August, September). Trips to Rhodes, which are more lively and enjoyable during the summer months, are completed with the fascinating beauties of Rhodes.
The duration of Fethiye - Rhodes tours varies between approximately 100 minutes and 120 minutes. The change in duration depends on weather conditions. Vehicles (1st class cars, motorcycles, etc.) are not accepted on tours. You can buy your tickets for your comfortable and safe Rhodes journey from Tilos Travel.

In cases of tours cancellation/change in tours operated with Tilos Travel, the passenger is informed via the numbers registered in the system. For tours that cannot be operated, a refund will be issued for the passenger.

General Rules Applicable to Fethiye Rhodes Ferry Tickets and Ferry Times

There are some general rules regarding Fethiye - Rhodes ferry tickets and ferry ticket departure times. These general rules apply to passengers and agency owners. The general rules you need to know before and after purchasing your ticket are as follows:

  • In order to receive the ticket, the passenger must be at the check-in office of the relevant company 1 hour before the departure time. During season periods, it is recommended to be at the check-in office even before this period.
  • You must be on the catamaran 15 minutes before the catamaran (ferry) departure.
  • The passenger who loses his ferry ticket is obliged to buy a new ticket. The relevant company is not responsible for the loss of the ticket.
  • One ferry ticket is issued for a single passenger name. Therefore, it cannot be transferred or sold to anyone else.
  • The passenger cannot request that the date, route and time information of his ticket be changed.
  • The ferry ticket has the right to reschedule and reschedule only once.
  • The right to reschedule and suspend is accepted with the condition of giving notice 2 days before the departure time.
  • In order for open tickets to be valid, they must not exceed a period of 6 months. Tickets exceeding 6 months are automatically canceled.
  • Passengers provide their mobile phone numbers to the system when purchasing tickets. For this reason, passengers are notified of canceled and changed tours.
  • Ticket checks are made with barcodes on boarding boards. Canceled, rescheduled and suspended tickets can be identified here.
  • Passengers who will travel with a pet must inform the carrier office about this.

These are the rules you need to know for Rhodes ferry tickets. For more detailed information, you can refer to the general rules section and buy your Rhodes island, Chios island and Samos island tickets safely within these rules.

Elegance of Rhodes, the Largest Greek Island

Rhodes is one of the most popular islands of Greece with its tourist-attracting beauties and fascinating medieval artifacts. It is home to many historical monuments and natural beauties. The island of Rhodes, located opposite to Fethiye, is one of the holiday areas that allows you to spend time to the fullest with its size. The island, also offers you easy transportation with public transportation ,where you can discover special areas to spend time in every season you visit. It also offers the chance to rent a car so that you can discover its beauties.

Rhodes is an ideal island for both day tours and accommodation visits. It may take a long time to fully explore Rhodes. Those with limited time can end their trip by visiting the most popular areas of Rhodes. Guided tours may be the most ideal choice for day visitors.

One of the most striking features of Rhodes is the castle built by the Knights Templar. Besides this castle, the neighborhood dating back to the Middle Ages is also among the important places that draw attention as it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The culinary culture of the island of Rhodes consists of very different and delicious foods. In the rich Rhodes tradition, alcoholic drinks such as Koriantolino and Souma are at the top of the list. Delicacies such as escharitis (bread type), pitaroudia, pougia (tart), matsi (pasta), synoro (cheese), lakani (goat meat with chickpeas) are among the local delicacies that can be added to the rest of the list.

The rich nightlife on the island is among the beauties that attract attention. Visitors who love fun environments find themselves in areas such as Faliraki, Lindos and Lalysos, where nightlife is lively, during their visit to Rhodes. Areas with traditional Greek taverns, clubs and many bars make you witness colorful moments with their lively atmosphere. The inner regions of the island, which fascinates the eyes with its natural beauties as well as its nightlife, consist of forest areas. These regions are covered with Pinus Brutia red pine trees. The Flora region is the largest example of mountainous areas. Even though it is rocky, it is among the beauties that attract attention with the plants such as grapes, olives and citrus growing. Don't forget to buy tickets as soon as possible for your visit to the island, which has a modern history.

Places to Visit in Rhodes Island

There are many beautiful places to visit and see in Rhodes, which can be reached by ferry service departing from Fethiye port. A single day may not be enough to visit this island, every part of which is worth seeing. Those who have limited time can spend their time productively by visiting the areas in the Old Town area.

For those who want to visit areas that represent the summer months, such as the beach and the sea, the best visits to the island of Rhodes are during the summer months. Apart from that, visitors who want to visit in a quiet way without encountering too many tourists can choose the spring months. The most striking place you should see in Rhodes, which has travel areas suitable for all seasons, is the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Apart from this, the areas you need to see can be listed as follows;

  • Church of the Virgin of the Burgh

Church of the Virgin of the Burgh, one of the first must-see stops in Rhodes, is a church that can be reached on foot from the Rhodes tourist harbor. This church attracts attention with its remarkable history, which was used by the Knights of Rhodes in ancient times.

  • Evreon Martyron Square

If you are looking for souvenir shops and beautiful restaurants during your visit to Rhodes, Evreon Martyron square is for you. The square, which attracts attention with its appearance and shops, also attracts the attention of visitors with its feature of being the Jewish Martyrs Square.

  • Kallithea Springs

Located 9 km from the city center, the hot springs are one of the important thermal springs of Rhodes. It is famous for its therapeutic properties since ancient times. It is said to be good for diseases such as asthma, obesity, diabetes and malaria. This area, which has been brought to tourism, is one of the places you should visit in Rhodes.

For those who like to visit museums and historical sites;

  • Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

This museum can be easily reached by walking from Hippocrates Square towards Ermou Street. The museum is located in the monumental building that was the hospital of the Knights of St. John. İnside the museum is the Crouching Aphrodite Statue, inspired by a famous work by the sculptor Doildas. The Head of Helios Statue is aslo among the things you can see in this museum.

  • Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

The palace, where you will feel yourself in Medieval Europe, will fascinate you with its historical artifacts on every floor. You should definitely visit the area that will add color to your trip with structures such as knight costumes and different mosaics during your visit to Rhodes.

  • Lindos Acropolis (Lindos Acropolis)

The Acropolis, which can be reached via Lindos Village, was built by the Dorians under the leadership of King Tlepolemus of Rhodes. Do not end your visit without seeing the acropolis consisting of ancient ruins such as the Hellenistic stoa consisting of 20 columns, church, Temple of Athena, tomb.

Must-see beaches for summer visits:

  • Elli Beach

It is located in the center. It is one of the areas frequently preferred by those who visit Rhodes in the summer months. It has a clean and calm sea. It provides facilities such as shower, toilet and sunbed. It attracts attention with its proximity to food and beverage areas.

  • Falikari Beach

It has a long beach. Nightlife is quite lively. It is one of the most ideal areas for those who love entertainment environments. Many tourists prefer this area because of its golden sand. You should definitely see this region, which is also popular with its taverns and restaurants, in the summer months.

  • Mr. Antony Quinn (Paralia Antoni Kouin)

This area, which is a clean and glasy bay, is also used for movie shootings. It takes its name from the actor who shot the movie. It is one of the popular areas for diving on the island. It is an ideal option for those who prefer small and quiet spaces.